Daily Market Topics To Keep a Eye On – 2021 May 23rd

A brief look at the daily market topics in circulation that will effect the markets.

Daily Market Topics

—————————— New Topics ———————————

  • Ford Introduces a new electric pickup. Future plans to build there own batteries. (Check out)
  • Bitcoin kept going down this week.
  • China to crack down on crypto mining.
  • Ethereum 2.0 to have great power consumption efficiency.
  • Nvidia to split stocks 4 to 1. (Check out)
  • AT&T dividend cut.
  • Shein a digital market place picking up steam in popularity and some PR hits as well.
  • China institutions announcement puts crypto into a free fall.
  • Michel Burry bets $530 million against Tesla. (Check out)
  • Target hitting its sails targets.
  • AT&T and Disney+ venture.
  • CoinBase share value down to starting levels.
  • Israel and Palestine situation. (Google news)
  • Tesla to stop accepting Bitcoin. (Check out) Looking for a energy efficient currency.
  • Tesla haven sold 10% of there initial Bitcoins at the moment.
  • Delta airlines to replace 10% of annual fuel with sustainable aviation fuel.
  • Alibaba posts a net lost after 2012 for the fist time.
  • Citi group down grade Alphabet (Google) and Facebook.
———————————- Ongoing Topics ———————————-
  • Roomers of interstate hikes.
  • Elon Musk on Tesla not using Bitcoin and trying to find a new crypto.
  • Commodity prices going up due to supply demand issues.
  • Inflation. (Reasons for Inflation)
  • Price of commodities are going up. All manufactures warning about price changes.
  • Ethereum price going in to the future. (Check here for a good explanation)
  • New taxes in USA.
  • Biden $10 billion mortgage. (Check out)
  • Electronic Chips industry under the spotlight.
  • Courts odder giving the ability for the IRS to go after Crypto profits.
  • Doge Coin valuation and future pricing.
  • Auto manufacturing supply chain issue with micro chips.
  • Australian farmers are facing a mice plague. This comes after a good harvest after 3 years of drought.

The following Daily Market Topics are some in circulation today. These result in positive or negative ways for the markets. This article is to inform you of topics that are in the spot light. We highly recommend to do your own research on the topics. Any actions should based on your own research.

The following topics are in circulation in articles, posts, social media and etc.

Markets react to good and bad news accordingly. It is up to the traders to look a the pros and cons and invest wisely. Looking at these topics create additional questions. These additional questions must be researched and answered correctly. This will result in great investments. You can share your findings in the comments below.

Questions when researching,

  • Tesla to stop accepting Bitcoin. What will become of bitcoin prices?
  • Are people reluctant to find jobs because of stimulus checks?
  • How to hedge against inflation?
  • Are people reluctant to buy in retail and housing markets due to inflation?
  • How lumber is driving the price of houses high?
  • What will be the price of crypto if the IRS is checking for profits?
  • Cathie Wood and what she said about Tesla quality between China and America factories? What about Zoom? What are other investments for future?
  • Properties of Doge coin? Why inflationary property of doge coin effect the price?
  • Tech stocks are not bullish at the moment. However with the chip shortages and investment in sustainable energy not all parts of tech is going down. What are the tech stock that are in the positive and why?

—————————————– Article Watch —————————————————-

Trade Safely.

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