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Gold prices are undervalued or is it?

Max Turner
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If you look in to articles about gold and YouTube videos on gold the main topic is about how undervalued gold is in the market place.

But one of the points in such articles is the price of gold is low because of paper gold and the trading done with them. They say there are many owners for each unit of gold because of this paper gold. 

Therefore the lost in faith created due to paper gold could be the very reason that gold it self is not going up in price.

This is like a inflation of money but for gold. Where there are too many units of ownerships per each unit of gold creating inflation by evaluation of gold.

Just a thought that I came across looking at videos that try to explain why gold is undervalued. From all the points they make this point is underrated. Don't know it's true or not please do your research before coming in to conclusions. This is just my personal thoughts.

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